204 Regent


Welcome to our virtual tour of 204 Regent! It's no replacement for seeing it in person, but this will give you a general idea of the house and hopefully save you some time on your house search.

Please call 517-663-6418 or email rentals@conklinsystems.com if you have any questions.

Rent monthly+utilities, 1 1/2mn security deposit required (can be paid over first 2 months.)

Section 8 will not cover the rent at this location. No pets is preferred, but pets will be considered on a case-by-case basis. An extra pet fee may apply. Also, no smoking is allowed inside the house.

Regent street is centrally located about halfway between Sparrow and Frandor, with with quick access to practically everything. The house is about halfway between Michigan and Kalamazoo ave, though, far from road noise.
First floor main room - entrance. Please forgive the snowy footprints. Window blinds are included.
There's a big closet handily near the front door
First floor, heading towards the kitchen
The kitchen has plenty of cabinet space, and the stove is gas with an exterior-vented hood.

The space straight ahead is for the refrigerator, which is included if you don't have one. On the right is available storage space under the stairs.

Another view of the kitchen from the other side, with even more cabinet space and a nice spot to tuck a breakfast table.

Through the doorway straight ahead goes to the basement. There's another large shelving/storage space there too.

A little unusual for this neighborhood - there's a large, usable basement! You can also see the updated water heater and forced-air furnace in this pic.
A washer/dryer is included as well, hooked up and ready to go. No more trips to the laundromat!
This is the back yard. Pic from 2010 as some trees have been removed which lightened things up.
Ok, now we can head on upstairs.
It's a little bit of a trick to take pictures of the bedrooms but this at least gives an idea. This is the first of 3 bedrooms with a closet to the right.
The second bedroom might also make a good den, as it has cable TV and telephone jacks, and overlooks Regent. This room also has a closet off to the left.
The third bedroom has a wall that jogs in because it's over the stairs. There's a bar for hanging clothes and a storage space for things.
Last but not least, the bath. There are 2 closets in here as well. The bathtub also has a flexible line spray head mounted for a shower head.
Update: I forgot I had also taken this photo of the area by the front door. This is another good-sized space that also is wired for cable.

We hope you've enjoyed the virtual tour, and that it will save you time and effort. Best of luck with your home search!